8 Ways to Help with Erectile Dysfunction - Role of Nitric Oxide in Erections

8 Ways to Help with Erectile Dysfunction - Role of Nitric Oxide in Erections

The male population frequently suffers from various diseases, and they
typically go undiagnosed. One of these conditions is erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction (ED), usually mentioned jokingly, is a problem that many
men face. Luckily, there are ways to help with ED, like increasing the nitric
oxide in the penile tissue.
Erectile dysfunction is defined as a condition characterized by a man’s ability
to get an erection or maintain one during sexual intercourse. Not only does it
cause poor performance in the bed, but it also leads to an array of problems
like depression, low self-esteem, and infertility. Fortunately, most people can
benefit from various tips and techniques. Here are eight tips that will help
you get the most out of your sex life if you are struggling with erectile

1. Nitric Oxide 

Nitric oxide is a molecule that is produced naturally by the body and is
essential for many processes, including dilating blood vessels, regulating
blood pressure, and reducing inflammation(1). The synthesis of nitric oxide is
carried out by the enzyme nitrogen oxide synthase or NOS. Interestingly, the
precursor for NO in our bodies is arginine (an amino acid we obtain from
various meat products or supplements).
In recent years, nitric oxide has been hailed as a potential treatment for
erectile dysfunction. By increasing levels of nitric oxide in the body, it is
possible to improve blood flow to the penis and reduce the symptoms of
erectile dysfunction. You can substantially increase your levels of nitric oxide
by incorporating a diet that stimulates nitric oxide production or by taking
nitric oxide supplements. (2). High nitric oxide-producing foods include meat, fish, leafy green vegetables, beets, watermelon, and garlic. In addition, supplements such as L-arginine and ginseng have also been shown to increase levels of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide supplements work by increasing levels of nitric oxide in the body, which in turn relaxes the smooth muscles lining the blood vessels leading to the penis. This, subsequently, allows more blood to flow into the penis, resulting in improved erections.

2. Exercise

There are various ways in which exercise can help to improve erectile
function. First, it can help to increase blood flow to the penis, which is
essential for achieving and maintaining an erection. Exercise is extremely useful for helping with stress and anxiety, which are significant contributors to ED. In addition, exercise can lead to improved self-esteem and body confidence, both of which can boost sexual performance.
Of course, not all exercises are equally practical for treating ED. The best
results are typically achieved through a combination of aerobic exercise and
strength training. Cardio activities like walking, biking, and swimming are
great for improving circulation and reducing stress levels. Strength training
can help to improve muscle tone by doing exercises such as push-ups,
squats, and compound lifts. These compound lifts also enhance testosterone,
which is one of the key regulators of sexual drive and erection.(3)

3. Testosterone Supplements

There is a natural reduction in testosterone levels as we age. This decline
leads to a number of problems, including erectile dysfunction. Men often
time opt to take testosterone supplements to improve their sexual function.
The supplements will provide you with all the vitamins and minerals needed
to substantially increase your levels of testosterone and overcome ED.

4. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone, also known as the male sex hormone, is essential for sexual
arousal. Consequently, it is essential for getting or maintaining erection too.
Testosterone helps develop penile tissue during puberty and adolescence
and stimulates the brain to signal an erection during sexual activity.
Eating a healthy diet and exercise will naturally raise your testosterone. Red
meat, walnuts, and healthy fats like avocados are great for naturally
boosting testosterone. Going to bed early has also seen to raise testosterone
levels in most men. Imagine losing 10-15% your blood’s testosterone by
restricting your sleep to 5 hours a night, just in one week. This was shown by
a study on young healthy men4. So, make sure to go to bed early get a good
7-8 hours of sleep. 
Alternatively, testosterone replacement therapy or TRT helps to restore
normal levels of the hormone. The therapy involves taking the actual
testosterone hormone in the form of injections, patches, gels, or implants.
TRT is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, and it can help to
improve other aspects of sexual function as well.

5. Erectile Dysfunction Medications
Many men experience occasional bouts of ED, but for some, it can be a
persistent problem. There are several erectile dysfunction medications that can be used to treat ED, including such as sildenafil, tadalafil, Viagra, and
alprostadil. TriMix is a new erectile dysfunction medication that is said to be more effective than other erectile dysfunction medications on the market. TriMix
is a mix of papaverine and phentolamine and provides excellent relief from
the many symptoms of ED. TriMix also stays in the body longer than other
erectile dysfunction medications, so you don't have to take it as often.
The erectile dysfunction medications work by improving blood flow to the
penis, increasing levels of the hormone testosterone, or dilating the blood
vessels in the penis. For instance, the most commonly used drug for erectile
dysfunction, sildenafil, increases NO production in the penile tissue.
In some cases, a combination of various treatment drugs may be used. After
knowing the cause of your erectile dysfunction and with proper treatment,
most men with ED are able to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for
sexual intercourse.

6. Erection Pump

Although there are many erectile dysfunction medications on the market,
erection pumps are one of the most popular treatment options. Erection
enhancing pumps work by drawing blood into the penis, which creates an
erection and helps maintain one and they are considered equally effective, if
not more, to the use of sildenafil.(5) Most pumps are battery-operated, and they can be used with or without erectile dysfunction medication. Pumps are typically used before sexual activity, and they can be used as often as needed. Some men find that erection pumps help them to maintain an erection for more extended periods.

7. P-Shot

P-shots are a relatively new treatment for erectile dysfunction that is proving
to be quite effective6. Also known as platelet-rich plasma injections, p-shots
involve taking a small sample of blood from the patient and then spinning it
in a centrifuge in order to separate out the platelets. The platelets are then injected back into the patient's penis, where they help to promote the growth of new blood vessels. This increased blood flow is what leads to improved erections. P-shots can also be used to treat other sexual health issues such as premature ejaculation and low libido. Overall, p- shots offer a safe and effective way to improve sexual function.

8. Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic wave therapy is a new treatment for erectile dysfunction that uses
sound waves to stimulate blood flow to the penis. The therapy is non-
invasive and side-effect-free, and it has been shown to be remarkably
effective in studies. Acoustic wave therapy works by breaking up plaque that has built up in the arteries and stimulating flow which allows more blood to flow to the penis resulting in better erections. The therapy is typically done in a series of three treatments, each lasting for 20 minutes. Acoustic wave therapy is a promising new treatment for erectile dysfunction that offers a safe and
effective alternative to medication or surgery(7)If you are one of the 30 million men in the United States who suffer from erectile dysfunction, don't worry. There are plenty of ways to help you get your groove back. We've listed eight different methods that have been shown to be effective in treating ED. Give these tips a go, and you're sure to start seeing improvements in your life.
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